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Space Crew PT17

Part 17: In this video, I carry out a boarding action on a UDF facility that has been overrun by the alien menace and I have to clear it out.

Image by Florian Olivo


Hello and welcome! I'm a passionate gamer who enjoys a vast variety of games, but I mostly play Simulation and RTS titles, I'm also a bit of a geek who loves military history and equipment. I started my gaming channel because I'm fortunate enough to have had a job that occasionally gives me time to game while getting paid at work! That may sound pretty awesome and to a degree, it is, but in reality, it means long periods on my own with my laptop, and gaming to stop me from spending hours looking at four walls and saving my sanity :-) Feel free to drop me a message if you have any suggestions of games that you think would be good to play on my channel or any other ideas/suggestions.


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